The vO Polo Club is now affiliated with the HPA under the geographic name of Northamptonshire Polo Club. 


We set out to make the polo experience for all who play or visit, above all, fun. 
The main ground is large and fast running encouraging fast open polo. The clubhouse is themed colonial / safari making it a perfect ambience to relax and socialise. 

The facilities at the vO Polo Club including the exercise track, schooling ring, ménage, polo pit and stick & ball ground are available to club members for their personal use at any time outside polo playing times to improve their riding and stick & ball skills. Members are also offered discounted rates if they choose to accommodate their polo ponies for the season at the club.

If you have any queries relating to membership, please email

Full playing membership    -  £400

Student membership           -  £250

Professional membership   -  £250